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Six Disciplines’ coaches offer Baldrige services that include application writing (Profile, 25 or 50 page) at the state or national level, criteria training, internal examiner training, site visit preparation and feedback report review and integration.  We are proud to partner with The Partnership for Excellence® (TPE) – Ohio, Indiana and West Virginia’s Baldrige Performance Excellence Program to help organizations focus on improving organizational performance through increased productivity, customer and employee satisfaction, development and deployment of well-defined strategy, and improved process management.  We would be delighted to get you started on your Baldrige journey, or help you along the way.
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Application Writing
Criteria Training
Internal Examiner Training
Site Visit Preparation
Feedback Report Review & Integration
Leadership Team Development
Process Management

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Six Disciplines' Journey
Six Disciplines is on a Journey for excellence
Six Disciplines proudly accepts the Platinum, Governor's Award for Excellence at the Partnership for Excellence Quest Conference in September, 2016.
SDCS continues to pursue its journey to become an organization of excellence.

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