The Clean Data Laundry Decision DashboardTM tool is a powerful solution for the laundry industry that provides detailed visibility of key financial, operational and service information for improved decision making and time savings.
Users of Clean Data Laundry Decision Dashboard tool can click into a chart or graph for detailed information on route performance or analyze profitable accounts, services, and SKUs. Data can be combined from different depots or plants for insight into how an organization is performing. Additionally, comparisons can be made to see which operations in the plant are performing well and which are not.
The laundry industry captures copious amounts of data found in disparate systems that are not always readily accessible. Clean Data Laundry Decision Dashboard tool provides a single view of operational and laundry data and enables an organization to visualize information accessed from other databases such as Spindle, Alliant, ERP systems, Salesforce, and other sources in a centralized location.

Putting the Clean Data Laundry Decision Dashboard tool to work is simple – the most basic capability is already built into our software. In this basic implementation, we import data from an Excel spreadsheet directly into our dashboard. We’ll help format your data and lay out your dashboards based on your enterprise needs.

Contact us to learn how we can connect directly to other databases so your dashboard is always up to date and “live.” If a database connection is not available with your data source, we can create the necessary links into our system.

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